The manifestation which has gotten most attention beforhand is in Morocco, where KVINFO’s former partner FLDDF has assembled a coalition of women’s groups for a demonstration demanding “the application of the Constitution and to deal with extremists who threaten the stability and achievements of women.”
This is directly aimed at the islamist government, which they accuse of having an anti-women policy. The demonstration got even more press coverage when they invited the minister of social development. An invitation she rejected. Instead she has dismissed the march as an opposition event.
In Lebanon CRTDA, whose leader Lina Abou-Habib visited KVINFO in february, has organized a march and sit-in in front of the seat of government to protest the discriminatory citizenship and naturalization law. The law makes it impossible for Lebanese women with foreign husbands to transfer their citizenship to their husbands  or children
In Egypt CEWLA has arranged marches on International Women’s in previous years but no longer. Demonstrating has simply gotten too dangerous. A few years back a march was severely harrassed and since 2013 Egypts protest law has restricted the freedom of assembly. Scores of people have been convicted to life imprisonment for merely attending a demonstration and there’s also examples of women who have been subject to violence and sexual violence while in prison or police custody.
Instead CEWLA has arranged a conference to highligt the day and to put focus on several themes like violence against women and on trafficking.