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Invest in Diversity

With a GenderLAB, you create positive change(s) both on an individual level, within your organisation and in society in general. It pays off.


Tegning med en laboratoriekolbe i midten. Til venstre: En person som tænker på fire andre personer. Til Højre: Den samme person ser en elpære med vinger (symboliserer en god idé)


Diverse and equal societies are stronger, more resilient, more peaceful, and the growth rates are higher. This is true of companies, organisations and institutions as well.

By working directly and ambitiously with diversity within your company or organisation, you will secure its future in the long-term and simultaneously solve specific problems here and now. And all this can be accomplished by investing in a GenderLAB.

You will be part of a carefully planned process, which accommodates the needs of your organisation, which uses the latest research which guides you through brainstorms, analyses, design, tests and doubts, until you reach a solution ready for implementation the very next day.

The process will simultaneously have a long-term effect, exactly because it relates to the specifics, the challenging point of departure as well as the norms, habits and blind spots, which limit you in terms of identifying problems and thinking innovatively.

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    e-mail:; phone: +45 50 76 33 76

KVINFO and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in collaboration with The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and The GODESS Institute at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki are behind GenderLab.