This is what you get from a GenderLAB

Bring us a challenge. Take home a solution.

Improved job satisfaction/work climate and improved bottom line: Use GenderLAB to ensure both, with innovative tools and cultural change.


Tegning med en laboratoriekolbe i midten. Til venstre: En person som tænker på fire andre personer. Til Højre: Den samme person ser en elpære med vinger (symboliserer en god idé)


Do you need to improve your company’s recruitment strategies? Is your organisation finding it hard to maintain employees? Would you like to create a more inclusive work environment that encompasses all your employees? A GenderLAB can get you there with innovative tools and cultural change.

If you need to change the culture in your organisation, a GenderLAB can provide you with new perspectives on the challenges you currently face as well as innovative tools to change the culture, which will render both an improved bottom line and an improved work environment.

It happens by way of analysing and unravelling the problems you have, while helping you understand which biases, norms and blind spots prohibit you from seeing or coming up with solutions to those problems.

In other words, a GenderLAB provides your company or organisation with two things: It generates change in relation to the challenge you wish to address. And it contributes to your company or organisation’s ability to identify and handle other and possibly new challenges.


Diversity as a Means and a Tool

Gender equality and diversity might not be at the core of the challenge you wish to address. And it doesn’t have to be. The problem can revolve around something very different. However, focusing on gender equality may prove the very key to change.

An example:

When companies have problems recruiting employees and management, the obvious place to start is looking at how to attract more women, unless the company is already gender balanced. In this situation, it is wise to examine the specific company’s recruiting practice and their representation in a broader perspective, also looking at the educational choices of women and men. Including knowledge on e.g. maternity/paternity leave and gender norms will, however, also be central in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the challenge and in order to create sustainable changes.

In other words, gender equality on a societal level becomes one element of working with a company’s recruiting strategy and in the end also its bottom line.


Inventive Thinking and Development, both Short- and Long-term

With a GenderLAB, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and you will also be able to co-create a different culture within your organisation. You will be given tools that help you consider and thoroughly examine the norms and biases that limit you and your organisation in terms of finding efficient solutions to challenges and thus creating positive change(s).

At the same time, you will receive training in how to visualise and examine new possibilities in terms of collaborations with experts and outside actors with varying backgrounds and from different sectors.

Once you and your company have completed a GenderLAB, you will have a tried, tested and implementable solution to your challenge. This could include a project description, a strategy, a campaign idea or organisational development.

A GenderLAB will provide you with the tools and the knowledge to continuously work with the norms that shape and limit or develop your everyday working environment as well as your entire organisation.


A Modernised Gender Equality Engine

KVINFO and Copenhagen Business School, CBS, have developed GenderLAB in order to support and strengthen the Danish core values: gender equality and diversity, which historically have been engines for societal development.

With GenderLAB the engine is updated with new methods, new collaborations and new actors.

The fundamental idea of GenderLAB is creating processes that are both intensive and innovative, allowing you to enter a process with a problem and then leave with a solution.