It was also an evening where we celebrated the centennial for women’s suffrage in Denmark, and gave praise to the ones who are able, willing and courageous. It was a celebration of women and men from the political scene, cultural life, academia and the activist scene. We invited a host of inspiring and outstanding guests and artists who in their own way show courage and strength. 

Prime Minister and keynote speaker Helle Thorning-Schmidt was greeted by KVINFO’s director Nina Groes. Photo: Begga Svavars/

There were more than 1000 happy guests at VEGA. Photo: Begga Svavars/

KVINFO’s director Nina Groes started the evening with a powerful speech, underlining equality and equal rights as pressing and important issues – both in Denmark and the rest of the world. Photo: Begga Svavars/

The very cool women of the rock band Baby in Vain started the celebration with a musical bang. Photo: Begga Svavars/

A packed VEGA and Baby in Vain on stage. Photo: Begga Svavars/

The hostess of the evening was Suzanne Moll, press officer at KVINFO. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt on stage. Photo: Begga Svavars/

The Tunisian politician and presidential candidate Kalthoum Kennou was received a huge applause. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Kalthoum Kennou on stage with her partner Besma Soudani from LET (Ligue des Electrices Tunisiennes). Photo: Begga Svavars/

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Kalthoum Kennou and Besma Soudani had a good talk, and exchanged experiences. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Singer and artist Lucy Love on stage with her dancers. They brought the room to a boiling point and got everyone dancing. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Comedian and male feminist Mads Brynnum gave us something to laugh and think about. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Norwegian dancer Daniel Rodrigo Nilsen on stage. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Dancer Daniel Rodrigo Nilsen. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Activist, debater and writer Emma Holten made a strong point about women’s right to define when enough is enough. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Before the surprise act Suzanne Moll thanked everyone for an amazing evening. Photo: Begga Svavars/

The big surprise of the evening was the amazing and incredible singer Marie Key. Photo: Begga Svavars/

Marie Key played a beautiful mini-concert and it was the perfect end to a perfect evening. Photo: Begga Svavars/

A smaller group continued the party at Ideal Bar where the all-female dj-cooperative Kapow Collective played upbeat femi-tracks. Photo: Begga Svavars/