2017-22: ANWAR – Legal reform in Morocco

Facts about the project

Local partner: The Federation of Women’s Rights Leagues (FLDF)

Country: Morocco

Thematic area: Legal reform and equal distribution of resources.

KVINFO and FLDF have worked in partnership since 2014 and have one more active project together under the equal participation in politics theme.

The project ANWAR (which means “light” in Arabic) focuses on different legislative issues in the Moudawana from 2004 – the Moroccan family law from 2004 and  its reform requirements.

The aim of the project is to get an alignment of the Moudawana with the international conventions especially CEDAW (The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women) and its additional protocol and also the provisions of the new Moroccan Constitution from 2011.

Therefore it is necessary to underline the persistence of the discriminatory provisions which perpetuate the inequalities between men and women in Morocco. The reform proposals will specifically target inequalities within the areas of inheritance, divorce, alimony, parental authority and interfaith marriages.



The Moudawana was reformed in 2004, securing a number of significant rights for women, but also lacking in a number of areas.

The 2011 constitution marked the constitutionalisation of women’s human rights and the equality and parity between women and men and constitutes a significant advancement in harmony with the conventional practice of human rights.

However, these reforms were not followed through after the 2011 election, which returned a relatively conservative, religiously based government, which has not worked for the acceleration of the process of structural, institutional and legislative reforms launched after the adoption of the constitution in July 2011.

Still a number of smaller reforms have succeeded like the abolishment of the “marry-your-rapist” article from the penal code in 2012 after intense lobbying from the women’s rights organisations and a comprehensive political debate. The experiences from these processes will be activated in the current project.



About FLDF

The Federation of Women’s Rights Leagues (FLDF) in Morocco was founded in 1993 as a non-profit umbrella organisation for a number of women’s rights organisations across the country.

FLDF aims to establish the rule of law where relations are based on the principles of equality, solidarity, justice social and diversity. Their work follows a dual strategy of raising awareness among women about their rights and of advocating and lobbying decision makers at the local, national, regional and the international level.

The project includes a number of activities aimed at facilitating the political process and advocating for the proposed changes:

  • In order to enhance the impact of the advocacy work, FLDF will conduct a number of research studies on the selected legislative issues. The studies will qualify the advocacy and awareness raising. The studies will be published and presented.
  • Study of how to improve the outreach and impact of advocacy work to be used by FLDF and its networks.
  • Publication of various advocacy materials to substantiate the advocacy and awareness raising work for reforming of the Family law.
  • Round table discussions on the reform proposals elaborated by FLDF based on the research in 4 different regions in Morocco for women’s organisations, including local FLDF activists, civil society organisations, professionals such as judges and other academia, ministers and parliamentarians and other stakeholders around the main provisions of the family code to be reformed.
  • Public outreach including press conferences to announce the results of round tables and studies.
  • Dialogue meetings between civil society organisations and officials, political parties and other decision makers.

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