2017-22: Family protection law reform and awareness-raising on gender based violence in Jordan

The aim of the project “Family protection law reform and awareness-raising on gender based violence in Jordan” is to draft a new family protection law in Jordan. The ultimate goal is to combat gender based violence (GBV) in domestic and public settings and in this way contribute to gender equality.

JWU and gender based violence: Facts about the project

Local partner: Jordanian Women’s Union (JWU).

Country: Jordan.

Thematic area: Gender based violence prevented and victims supported through partnerships.

The project is carried out by KVINFOs partner the Jordanian Women’s Union (JWU). The project focuses both on policy as well as implementation aspects in order to ensure that the objectives are met and results achieved. Further descriptions of activities to reach the goal are found below.


In 2008 Jordan adopted a family protection act with the aim of providing protection for victims of domestic violence. However, the law is flawed and includes no appropriate, effective administrative mechanisms and collaborative referral systems to provide support and protections for victims. Also, it does not include clear regulatory frameworks within which protection can be ensured.

This means that GBV continues to be widespread in the Jordanian society and it is rarely sanctioned by law.

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Cases of GBV are often treated with secrecy due to its direct connection to a woman’s reputation and the reputation of her family. This is the case no matter if the GBV is practiced as sexual violence in private or public spaces, as sexual harassment in streets or marital rape. Equally, domestic violence is treated as a private matter that is not spoken about in the fear of tarnishing the family’s reputation.

About JWU

KVINFO has supported JWU (Jordanian Women’s Union) since 2008. Currently, through partnerships we work on: legislative reform, gender based violence, equal political participation and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

JWU is a membership organisation founded in 1945. It is built on secular and feminist principles, and has a clear mission to combat the discriminating, dominant, patriarchal culture and promote women’s rights, human rights and democratic participation in Jordan and the Arab world.

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To eliminate GBV in Jordan, JWU has structured its work around three key activities:

  • Drafting of a new family protection law: Through meetings with a coalition of women’s and human rights organizations JWU will prepare the groundwork for a legal committee to make a final draft for a new family protection law.
  • Advocacy work: JWU will focus on targeting the Jordanian parliament and government in advocating for the draft of the new family protection law.
  • Awareness-raising sessions: Sessions about protection mechanisms must target women and men of different socio-economic and professional backgrounds in Jordan’s 12 governorates. The aim of the sessions is to inform about the current protection mechanisms and the proposed changes.