Dialogue and Debate

KVINFO values the ability to tolerate, listen to, respect and learn from diverging views. And alongside the extensive program work in the MENA region, KVINFO also aims to promote Arab-Danish and regional dialogue that will strengthen the exchange of views and opinions on gender related issues and spur a qualified debate on these issues. Dialogue and debate are therefore viewed as yet another means of articulating and addressing the barriers to women’s societal participation, to eliminate gender stereotypes and to enhance the interest in and awareness of gender inequalities in society.

In KVINFOs work, dialogue and debate is considered both a separate thematic activity area and cross-cutting approach integrated in the other four thematic activity areas (Political empowerment, Economic Empowerment, Access to Justice and Research and Documentation).

Activities under this theme include conferences, debate meetings, public workshops, issuing of publications, lectures, film production, study tours, proactive press liaison and publishing relevant news and feature articles and other material via a number of digital platforms, including social media, web sites and networks.