Partnerships in All Projects

KVINFO works in direct or strategic partnership with NGOs, networks, civil society organizations, INGOs, governmental institutions, private sector companies, professional associations, trade unions, religious institutions, media and academic institutions across the Middle East and North Africa and and in Denmark. The partnerships are based on shared values and a common long-term objective of achieving more gender equal societies; in line with agreed international commitments on gender equality (SDG 5), human rights (UPR) and women’s rights (CEDAW).

The aim of KVINFO’s partnership approach is to respond as effectively and sustainably as possible to the complex issue of gender equality and rights. Consequently, project implementation is most commonly led by the local partners. The local partners are more likely to have closer ties to the intended beneficiaries of the projects, and the local partners are best suited to adapt the projects to specific needs, circumstances and context. Furthermore the strengthening of the local capacity to promote gender equality has the effect of making the work more sustainable in the long term.

Through partnerships KVINFO enhances the synergy and outreach of projects. The partnership approach is the basis of our efforts to achieve mutual and sustainable results, to maximize resources, reduce duplication and increase ownership of the projects.

KVINFO emphasizes trust, cooperation, flexibility and accountability as enabling factors that consolidate partnerships over time.

The relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and impact of our project interventions are consequently being monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

See a list of KVINFO’s active partnerships 2017-2022.