Diversity in practice Network

The KVINFO Diversity Network for practitioners offers knowledge, expertise and sparring to people who work professionally with diversity at Danish workplaces.

Join the Diversity Network

You can join the network using this link. Please note that the network language is primarily Danish. 

Price: DKK 8,200 excl. VAT for 1 year.

For inquiries please contact the network coordinator Katrine Kladakis.

Tel .: +45 50 76 33 77.


Do you work to ensure diversity and equality in your workplace or among your member organisations? Or are you responsible for diversity in the development of company products and offers? Are you responsible for transforming the company’s diversity strategy into concrete action?

Then join the Diversity for practitioners network.

The Diversity Network for Practitioners is a professional community providing the latest diversity knowledge  and at the same time ensuring space for confidential exchanges of experience.

What you gain from the network?

At the Diversity Network meetings, Danish and international experts present and offer relevant upgrading and development of professional competencies. As a member, you gain the latest professional knowledge in the field with a specific focus on specific tools and practical methods.

At the same time, the network provides a professional and confidential space for reflection, where members can discuss specific issues and solutions. The network thus creates professional relationships between the members that extend beyond the network and that can constitute a resource in the daily work.


  • The network gives you a unique opportunity for sparring and networking with like-minded diversity practitioners in other companies, organisations and institutions.
  • You will have a confidential space to discuss specific challenges in diversity work as well as learn from others.
  • You will be equipped with the latest professional knowledge in the field with a specific focus on concrete tools and practice-oriented methods. Danish and international experts and practitioners give presentations at the network meetings and are thus responsible for relevant upskilling and development of professional competences.
  • The network creates professional relationships between the members that go beyond the network and that can constitute a resource in the daily work.

What to expect?

The Diversity Network meets quarterly for three hours. KVINFO’s director Henriette Laursen facilitates the meetings and the  themes vary from, for example, unconscious bias, recruitment and retention, inclusive and norm-critical management to innovation through diversity. Each meeting consists of expert input in the form of presentations and dialogue with relevant practitioners and researchers in the field and of confidential sharing of experiences among the members.

Professional sparring takes place informally during breaks and when members take turn presenting a specific issue from the work with diversity at their workplace or organisation, to which the other members provide sparring.

Who can join the network?

The Diversity Network is for those working with the practical implementation of the diversity and equality efforts at a workplace, whether it is in relation to the internal work environment or in the product development.

The network does not distinguish between large and small companies, nor private and public institutions, as the diversity of the participants themselves can be a source of new inspiration.

It is a requirement that the network members are working in practice to ensure equality and diversity in their own workplace or among member organisations and are not, for example, an external consultant.

The network isr elevant for those who have completed the Diversity in Practice Masterclass and need continued professional sparring and competence development in a confidential space. But it is also possible to join the network without having participated in the Masterclass.

Contact the network coordinator Katrine Kladakis for more information and questions.

Tel .: +45 50 76 33 77.