Who we are

KVINFO is Denmark’s knowledge center for gender and equality. On this page you will find information about KVINFO as an organization.

International work

KVINFO’s international work for gender justice takes place in the Middle East and North Africa, which is often called the MENA region, and in Eastern Europe and Caucasus . In the current strategy period we work in: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Ukraine and Georgia.

Read more about KVINFOs international work via this link.

KVINFO works at the crossroads between knowledge, politics and practice. As a knowledge center for gender and equality, we create an overview research and knowledge on the field and bring this knowledge into play broadly to decision-makers, media, companies, organizations and the public in Denmark and internationally. We interpreter knowledge into change by developing tools and solutions to specific challenges related to gender.

We see it as our commitment to create public value, for example, pointing out and responding to significant societal challenges that relate to gender and equality directly or where knowledge about gender is a key to creating change.


KVINFO’s vision is a free and equal society. By free is meant a society in which structures, norms and stereotypes about gender support individuals in living out their full potential. By equal is meant equal opportunities and rights to participate on equal footing in society, irrespective of gender.


KVINFO’s mission is to operate on a foundation of knowledge to qualify societal discourse and change and promote gender equality in a contemporary context, both nationally and internationally. We contribute to norm, cultural and structural changes through the development and use of tools, knowledge dissemination and advocacy

The letters in KVINFO stand for: gender, knowledge, information and research.

Employees and teams

KVINFO is a self-governing institution with its own board. The day-to-day management is handled by director Henriette Laursen.

KVINFO has almost 40 employees who work in these five teams on a daily basis:

Knowledge Team
International Team
Mentor Network
Communication and Politics

You will find all employees divided into teams via this link. And here you can see an organization chart.