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KVINFO has been working in Ukraine since 2021.


Despite significant achievements for gender justice in Ukraine, there are still numerous challenges that persist. In 2021, labour force participation rate for women in Ukraine was 46%, which is below the global average and indicates room for improvement. This suggests that women continue to face barriers and discrimination when it comes to accessing and participating in the labour market.

In terms of political participation, women in Ukraine also encounter obstacles. The representation of women in political parties and decision-making positions remains limited. As of 2022, women held only 21% of seats in the Ukrainian Parliament.

This underrepresentation hinders women in actively engaging in political activities and influencing decision-making processes. This is of particular significance during the current conflict, where women are underrepresented in key strategic conversations.

Moreover, gender-based violence (GBV) is a matter of concern, and reports indicate that GBV continues to be a pervasive issue. Various forms of violence, including domestic violence, physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual violence affect a significant number of women.


Besides Ukraine, KVINFO works in MoroccoTunisiaEgyptJordan, and Georgia in the current strategy period.

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Gender-based violence has only been exacerbated as a result of the ongoing war, with cases recorded of rape and mass rape as a weapon of war used. As of June 2022, the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights (OHCHR) reported that it has received 108 allegations of conflict related sexual violence and it had verified 23 cases.

In addition to these challenges, the LGBTQ+ community in Ukraine also meets obstacles. Discrimination, stigma, and violence against LGBTQ+ individuals are prevalent, hindering their rights and well-being. LGBTQ+ rights activists have highlighted the need for legal protections and societal acceptance to ensure equal rights for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

It is important to acknowledge the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has had a multifaceted impact on women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and society as a whole. The war exacerbates existing inequalities and vulnerabilities, leading to additional challenges for marginalized groups. Displacement, economic hardships, and heightened levels of violence further complicate the situation and hinder progress in achieving gender equality and social inclusion.


We work on issues related to gender based violence, equal political participation and engagement in public debate, tackling gender stereotypes and norms, producing knowledge on relevant issues and using that knowledge to conduct evidence based advocacy for changes in harmful practices.

Examples of the types of issues we work on with partners include:

  • Support shelters for internally displaced (IDPs) women and children
  • Develop knowledge for advocacy on combatting gender stereotypes
  • Share knowledge on gender and equality amongst diverse women’s groups


In Ukraine, KVINFO works with big membership-based women’s rights organisations with broad outreach, well-established networks, and contacts with national politicians and other duty bearers.

These organisations also provide shelter services for victims of violence and those displaced as a result of the war.

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