Innovation and Cultural Change


Tegning med en laboratoriekolbe i midten. Til venstre: En person som tænker på fire andre personer. Til Højre: Den samme person ser en elpære med vinger (symboliserer en god idé)

Do you need to improve your company’s recruitment strategies? Is your organisation finding it hard to maintain employees? Would you like to create a more inclusive work environment that encompasses all your employees? A GenderLAB can get you there with innovative tools and cultural change.

GenderLAB is a laboratory, which combines Design Thinking and norm criticism in order to create innovative, concrete and sustainable solutions to complex challenges and problems. The method was developed by Copenhagen Business School, CBS, and KVINFO and it benefits both large and small companies, organisations and institutions. Learn more about how you and your workplace can utilize a GenderLAB to create positive and profitable changes.


‘Generate change and worth/value.’ GenderLAB explained in one minute and seventeen seconds:




This is what you get from a GenderLAB:

Bring a challenge. Take home a solution

Improved job satisfaction and improved bottom line: Use GenderLAB to ensure both, with innovative tools and cultural change 



This is how GenderLAB works:

Concrete Solutions and Cultural Change

By combining Design Thinking and norm critical methods, we ensure that a GenderLAB will provide you with a unique opportunity to create inventive and innovative tools for cultural change(s)



GenderLAB, Start Today:

Invest in Diversity

With a GenderLAB, you create positive change(s) both on an individual level, within your organisation and in society in general. It pays off.